Miley Cyrus is definitely serious with what she does and her youth apparently doesnÆt stand in the way of her dreams of making it big in the biz. SheÆs out with her record titled ôBreakoutö which is nothing less than a testament of her creative freedom because this album is a hundred percent Miley which means she co-wrote eight of the 13 songs in the album, and was also heavily involved in the productions of these cuts. You might have caught her previous album where she performed as the hit Disney character Hannah Montana.

This budding teen sensation has made it clear through her debut single ô7 Thingsö that she is a rocker. She portrays an angst-ridden teener who loathes faithless love. But Miley isnÆt all about angst, sheÆs also for fun where she did a rendition of a Cindy Lauper ôGirls Just Wanna Have Funö. There are a couple more tracks that emphasize her fun-loving rock chick branding and these singles include ôFull Circleö and ôFly in the Wallö.

Miley is a native of Nashville, Tennesse and born to country music superstar/ actor Blly Ray Cyrus. She was caught in the net that her dad was in and got into acting as well. She played extra in her fatherÆs films and when she was ready to take a few more steps in the ladder of showbusiness, went on to appear in a Tim Burton movie titled ôBig Fishö. Her onscreen appearance obviously didnÆt stop there because after a gruelling audition for the part, Miley eventually landed the role of ôHannah Montanaö that rated so high back in the States. And Miley became one of Disney ChannelÆs faces.

Being Hannah Montana has its perks. She came out with records both as Hannah Montana and as Miley Cyrus. She is currently working on the film version of her hit Disney series, and is reportedly starring in an animated film titled ôBoltö. She also plans to release an inspirational book relating her humble beginnings in her home in Tennessee up to her success in the record, music and film scene.

So now thereÆs a lot of reason to take Miley Cyrus seriously. Either you love her or hate her, sheÆs Miley Cyrus and sheÆs about to give you more than 7 Things to love her!

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