The three bodhisattvas who comprises Paramita are on the right path. Names after Tibetan Buddhism's mantra for perfection, independent pop rock act Paramita has been pumping up the local music scene with their stirring originals since 2003.

Their songs are all penned by frontman Ria Bautista, whose dual role as vocalist and drummer has earned well-deserved praise . Having a female drummer has also become the band's distinguishing marks. Completing the trio are Marco De Leon on guitars and Alsey Cortez on bass.

In 2005, Paramita released their 12-track full length debut album which includes songs written in both English and Filipino. The album spawned the hit "Hilinh" which spend (3) weeks in the number (1) spot on NU 107's Midnight Countdown and was among the station's Top 3 Songs of 2005.

This young band has also been featured in various magazines and newspapers and has performed on various TV shows. Recently, the group also recorded a track for legendary band Apo's 2nd compilation album. There is definitely a bright future for this band.

Nominated, Best New Artist, 2005 NU Rock Awards
Nominated, Rising Sun Award, 2005 NU Rock Awards
Nominated, Drummer of the Year, 2005 NU Rock Awards
Nominated, Vocalist of the Year, 2005 NU Rock Awards
Nominated, Best Female Artist, 2005 NU Rock Awards

Watch Paramita perform LIVE! online on the MYX Setlist on October 15, 6 PM Manila Time.