Musical O is driven by the pursuit of the discovery, growth and fulfillment that comes with making music. It is a being formed by the union of four different minds sharing a similar goal. The members believe that the band is its music which is ever changing and is better heard than read about.

"This was a trip I didn't want to have, leavin my hometown to settle for another pad. Findin it hard to settle, knowing that I can't meddle, wit my family's plan, knowing this'll change me and make me a different man. I need to take my stand, get myself through this quicksand, starting off without my band. And so we land, september of 2006, carrying luggages heavy as bricks, walkin through the snow wishin we had our whips, to get around this town, putting on a frown. Feeling unsual, but the crowd's lookin casual, never expected this after leavin the terminal. It's been 3 years since the Philippines, got me out here chasin all my dreams. doin without Musical Orgasm, this shit's got me frantic with me going into a spasm. I miss makin beats with Marco, Chino, and Mario, out of the picture from this Musical scenario. Continuoum is what we had, now I'm out here tryin to find my equilibrium, this makes me mad. Musically inclined to; make sick beats surround you, after hearing this shit, you'll end up asking who. So start bopping your heads and get ready for this, Musical Orgasm is the shit you don't wana miss, listening to us is worth the risk, cause you know we hit the motherfuckin A-List!" - Paolo Custodio

For bookings please contact Toti Dalmacion @ 09175345404