Though often mistaken for a Korean or Taiwanese actor because of his pure Chinese good looks, Mike Chan is very much a Filipino when it comes to his music.

ôI cut my teeth in show business by hosting and singing O.P.M. love songs back when I was still with the noon time show (Chowtime Na!)ö recalls Mike, ôI took that job because I thought it would open doors for me in the music industry. Thankfully it did just that!ö

The show lasted for 2 years and in that time, Mike was able to meet the different movers and shakers in the music world. In fact, it was during the taping of one of the shows episodes where he met Jimmy Bondoc, whom he would later partner with (along with Luke Mejares, Paolo Santos, Top Suzara and DJ Myke) to form the group The Sabado Boys.

ôThe Sabado Boys was a turning point for me, musically, because back when I was doing Chowtime, I was basically the only host, other than April Boy Regino, who sang. There was really no pressure for me to push myself to excel musically.ö

ôWhen we formed the group, I found myself all of a sudden performing with guys who have built careers out of singing and making music! It was intimidating to say the leastö Mike says laughing. ôIt turned out to be a real blessing though because music was what I wanted to pursue and these guys have been very generous when it comes to sharing with me what they know.ö

And what they have taught him was plenty judging from the content of his newest album entitled ôMike Chan, Again But Louderö It contains revivals such as ôKung Mawawala Ka,ö DonÆt Know What To Do, DonÆt Know What To Say.ö ôMandy,ö and ôTrulyö arranged to sound as rock ballads.

ôIÆm at the stage where IÆm exploring different types of music. My comfort zone has always been the ballads but I realized that in music, as in life, you have to take chances and try new things if you want to grow.ö

A career in music almost never happened for Mike because the initial offers he received when he was starting out were acting roles and hosting jobs. This isnÆt surprising because Mike is statuesque at 5Æ 10ö and has a built honed by years of swimming, playing tennis and motorcycle racing. He could easily become a model, an actor or a sports icon.

Thankfully the muses of music claimed him once he started singing on t.v. and he is where he says he wants to be at the moment.

ôActing? Well my philosophy in life is to always be willing to try anything at least once but I know in my heart of hearts music will always be my first love. I still have a long way to go but the learning has been so much fun that I donÆt mind ægoing to schoolÆ at allö Mike laughs.