There are other artists who seem content to live out the rest of their musical days. And then there's Champ Lui-Pio. It seems that the longer he goes, the more daring he gets -- experimenting, reaching, challenging himself.

His first appearance on the rock scene came in 2005, in a remarkable journey with his band Hale. With Champ as lead vocalist/guitarist, the group secured a number of well-received local performance gigs that eventually led to a recording deal under EMI Philippines in 2005 (now Polyeast Records). The bandÆs debut album became one of the best-selling albums of 2005 and gave them a triple platinum success in a span of one year. Since then, ChampÆs popularity has grown and grown, as has his stature as a songwriter.

Six years later, with songs like The Day You Said Goodnight, Kung Wala Ka, Broken Sonnet and some othersùChamp is prepared to kick off his solo career and to return to what he does best. He is now set to release a long-awaited comeback as a solo artist with a new album called SYNERGY under Polyeast Records.

Champ's first solo album was recorded during a three-month break from the rock scene and was heavily inspired by his love of bands such as Coldplay and his other musical influences but also take it in a different direction. For any artist like Champ, the albumÆs concept was collaboration with musicians with whom he allows himself to not only branch out, but to establish relationships and connections with other artists. ôAfter six years, as an artist, I have to let myself explore my boundariesö he shared.

Champ is back with HANGING HABAGAT-- the first single to be lifted from the 10-track album. The CD consists of various elements and different musical arrangements highlighting how much passion he is able to place in each song. From soul in SAÆYO LANG (Julianne), to punk MAGDAMAG (Chris Padilla of Hilera), to folk (Noel Cabangon ) and rap (Gloc-9) in the song SARI-SARI KWENTO, to rock with twist GULONG (Chito Miranda of Parokya ni Edgar) and JUAN TAMAD (Vinci Montaner of Parokya ni Edgar).

SYNERGY was recorded at Tracks Studio in Pasig with Monti Macalino of Mayonnaise, Ferdie Marquez and Angee Rozul as co-producers. Champ is currently playing songs from his new album, together with his friends and session musicians Monty Macalino of Mayonnaise (guitars), Nikki Tirona (bass) and Nikko Tirona of Pitik (drums) who functions as his band. As Champ experiences a giant leap forward, SYNERGYÆs 10 tracks are artistic experimentation of his romantic disposition and his melodic gift.

As a founding member of Hale, ChampÆs words and music had an unparalleled impact on the sounds and beliefs of this generationÆs OPM rock. Our 28-year old singer/songwriter on the other hand, is active with Treehouse Productionùwhich he co-founded in 2007 to give opportunities to OPM rock bands and organize gigs that donate all of the proceeds to charity. He also stays busy with charity work which he organizes a æday careÆ every Saturday and also a fire volunteer. Currently, Champ is still signed as Polyeast Records artist and a co-management contract under Viva Artist Management with brother MYX VJ Chino.