Born Jessica Ellen Cornish (b. March 27, 1988), Jessie J has toured with a bunch of high-profile artists the likes of Macy Gray, Chris Brown and Cyndi Lauper. Before her career as a singer took off, she dabbled in songwriting on a publishing contract with Sony ATV. It was when her single "Price Tag," from her debut album "Who Are You," went straight to the UK Singles Chart and peaked at #23 in Billboard's Hot 100 that she gained commericial success. Ironically, the song declaring "It's not about the money," was in fact what gave her the clout to continue making music.

Having been described as a combination of Rihanna mixed with a bit of Gwen Stefani and the the charisma of Pink, Jessie J has the goods to show for it. She's flexible enough to carry a variety of genres and unique enough to have a recognizable sound. That and a wealth of experience has given her the material to touch listeners through meaningful lyrics and catchy tunes. At 17, she wrote her first song called "Big White Room" inspired by her experience being hospitalized at 11 years old where she shared a room with a younger boy who lost his life.