Kelly Clarkson's song for "New Moon"

In a Hong Kong interview last Tuesday, the first American Idol Kelly Clarkson talked to MYX about the song she specifically wrote for the movie ôNew Moonö - the newest in the ôTwilightö saga. ôIÆm a nerd-Twilight fan!ö Clarkson admits. Her fanaticism is taken to a higher level as she created the song entitled ôEmpty As I Amö with her back-up singers Jill Pickering and Kate Rapier, who are also songwriters. ôI wrote it and it was about the æNew MoonÆ. It was before they (film producers) actually were looking for songs.ö Clarkson and her crew are such huge fans of the books and the movie that they were inspired by the story of Edward leaving Bella. ôItÆs a sweet song. It sounds really sweet, the melody, but itÆs pretty sad. ItÆs a sad book. ItÆs the saddest of the four books.ö

The Internet has long been abuzz with speculation that such a song existed. Fans are eagerly waiting for any information concerning the much-awaited sequel that is set to premiere on November 20.

According to Warner Music Philippines, as of press time there has not been any official tracklisting and there has been no confirmation regarding the inclusion of ôEmpty As I Amö in the ôNew Moonö soundtrack.

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