Hay Naku! Finally Silent Sanctuary!

They brought us the heartbreakingly true hit songs, "Rebound" and "Ikaw Lamang". And they're now back with their latest album, "Mistaken For Granted". The rockestra band, Silent Sanctuary got to join in our chats! Sarkie, Chino, Anjo, Allen, and new bassist Jason shared their musical influences, favorites, and their opinion on Aling Dionesia Pacquiao and Madam Auring!

Most music fans find Silent Sanctuary special. They aren't just an ordinary band. With their string section adding an extra "oomph" to their already swoon-worthy love songs, it immediately captured the ears and hearts of OPM lovers. Chino David and Anjo Inacay, on violin and cello respectively, are both members of the Manila Symphony Orchestra who also played with Sugarfree in their Sugarfree Live concert. Honest lyrics, easy listening melodies plus heavy string harmony, you get a Silent Sanctuary hit.

Most fans who logged in the chatroom asked about Paolo Legaspi, the band's former drummer. According to the band, Paolo is now teaching in College of Saint Benilde. Jason Rondero now handles the bass guitar duties and still rocking with his other group New Modern. He helped make "Mistaken For Granted" already so you can listen to his bass lines on the album!

A total of 127 chatters logged in for the Silent Sanctuary chat and they got to witness the band sing "Ikaw Lamang" in a capella! The boys had a fun time answering your questions, though some were a bit twisted. But they were game to answer it anyway. Some of their songs may be heartbreaking and romantic but really they are a funny bunch!

Don't forget to catch the band on MYX Live! June 17 - 8pm only on MYX - Your choice, your music! They'll give you a taste of their new songs including their latest, "Hay Naku". And Paraluman's there to play too! It's an awesome back-to-back episode! You can vote for Hay Naku on MYX. Just type MYX Vote Hay Naku and send to 2366.

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