Sitti's ôContagiousö new album

Once you listen to SittiÆs voice, youÆll surely get hooked. Born to be a singer, she re- introduced Bossa Nova to the Philippines and made it mainsream, gaining the status ôQueen of Bossaö. People say that Bossa Nova has died down but after several albums, each one getting better and better, Sitti continues to capture a new market and maintain the interest of her most solid fans.

Sitti never had any specific training as a singer thus she adapts her own style when performing. ôI create my own style, always. IÆm no fan of imitating other singers. I strongly believe we each have our own unique vocal timbre, style, and quality. But I do admit that sometimes, by listening to a certain singer over and over again, I kind of imbibe what the style is. I really try not to though. Great singers are there for inspiration and guidance û but not to pattern yourself after them.ö

Her bright yet soothing voice melodically shifts from one note to another perfectly nailing far off notes into perfect tunes. Singing for a genre not everyone can pull off, Sitti breezes through Bossa Nova by finding inspiration from the music and the lyrics itself. ôI try to immerse myself in that world. ItÆs on a different plane, different world where only the music exists.ö Despite the intimacy she has with the music, she maintains a very strong stage presence and rapport with the audience bringing them to a different world where people instantly feel they are a part of, captivating them each time the moment they hear her voice.

ItÆs just as likely that her latest album is called ôContagiousö. With a total of 16 tracks, her latest and only original song in the album, ôIs This Loveö was written and composed by Andrew Fromm, George Noriega, Jorge Gonzalez, Howard Dorough, and Merecco Turner. Andrew Fromm together with Keith Follesse was also the one who wrote Christian BautistaÆs hit song ôThe Way You Look At Meö.

The lyrics of ôIs This Loveö goes ôIs this love that I'm feelin / Don't wake me up if I'm dreaminÆ / Cause I can't help myself from fallinÆ for youö can best describe how listeners will feel once they are charmed by SittiÆs voice.

Other songs from her album include SadeÆs ôYour Love is Kingö, ôAdiaö, ôLa la means I love Youö, Annie LennoxÆs ôNo More I love YouÆsö, ôOne On Oneö, ôTill There Was Youö and the Antonio Carlos Jobim classics ôHow Insensitiveö and ôDindiö.

Since the contagiousness of Sitti has left us enthralled all these years, future collaborations arenÆt a far-fetched idea. ôItÆs just me, for now. But we are working on a collaboration and hopefully it will be released sooner than later.ö With regards to writing an all-original album she says, ôI would really like to make an album that has all-original content. I really want to. Someday. Definitely. I will not rest until I get that. But at the same time the songs in the new album were a joy to recordö. Thus showing patience and dedication into harnessing her craft, taking her time as part of her evolution as an artist.

When asked about her dream gig, she wishes it would be an international tour in the U.S. or Asia. She also dreams of collaborating with great artists such as David Benoit, Tuck and Patti, Sergio Mendes, humbly and jokingly stating, ôIÆve got big dreamsàwho knows?ö But realistically for now, she merely wants to share her music to a wider audience.

Five years from now Sitti sees herself ôstill on stage and passionate than ever as a singerö. Big dreams start from simple ones. A lovely girl with a sweet voice, how can SittiÆs positive aura and example not be contagious?

Bursting with 16 fresh takes on classic tunes, SittiÆs new album ôContagiousö is now available under Warner Music Philippines at all major record bars nationwide. Special thanks to Victoria Marin at Greenbelt 5 for SittiÆs accessories.

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