Interview with a Dorque

The Dorques may not be a household name yet, but the band has played in Vietnam (twice!), Singapore and Hong Kong. TheyÆve just come home from their Singapore gigs with Ciudad and Outerhope earlier last month. This four year old band has finally released their first self titled album and have premiered the video of their first official single, ôMurasaki Blueö on MYX. MYX got a quick interview over chatting with the DorquesÆ drummer, Aimee Marcos. Hi Aimee

Aimee: whatÆs up MYX! So youÆve just dropped your bandÆs first video on MYX for Murasaki Blue. Who directed it?

Aimee: we had the pleasure of working with 2 directors our first video! Marie Jamora and Mihk Vergara worked together for the first time as co-directors, and came up with this lovely piece of footage. Mihk came up with the storyline and Marie came up with the shots and the band sequence. How long did it take you guys to film?

Aimee: In total, it took maybe 3 days and a half to film the video in its entirety. Which part do you like best?

Aimee: Well, siempre, I love the entire thing. But if I had to pick, it would probably a toss up between yun band sequences where weÆre covered in lights, to when Nina (Beltran, the DorquesÆ keyboardist) does those fighting moves in the end. Are you guys planning the next video na?

Aimee: Well right NOW, weÆre on hiatus since weÆve been all over the place the last couple of months. So weÆll start up our gigging sometime in July so please book us!!! Hahaha!! And yeah, weÆre still trying to decide which single it would be. We were thinking ôSupercoolö but then a lot of people have been asking for ôSunö. So weÆll see. What are you guys doing now during your downtime?

Aimee: WeÆre all taking a break, writing and stuff for the next album. We all have our jobs and stuff to worry about, aside from individual projects weÆre doing with other people. WeÆre all trying to sked a jam session within the next few weeks. Busy lang talaga. Pero siguro ngayon na tumugtog na kayo sa ibang bansa (theyÆve just gotten home from Singapore in May and Saigon and Hanoi in Vietnam in April), super tight na kayo?

Aimee: Well yes and no. hahaha!!! YouÆll always be tight with your bandmates, but kung di kayo tumutogtog, siempre you get rusty. You need practice. And well, I guess IÆll give MYX the exclusive, but an old member is coming back to the fold. Kaya kailangan talaga mag-jam. Cool! WhoÆs coming back?

Aimee: Albert Largoza. He used to be our bassist in the first line up pa. Well heÆs back and helping Joffy out with the guitars. Should be cool since we all know him, so itÆs like an old friend coming back. ItÆll be interesting to see what we 5 will come up with for the next album. So how can fans find you guys?

Aimee: Well weÆre on Multiply (, on Facebook and on Myspace ( You guys can call Chuckie B to book us. All the info is on the Myspace or Multiply page. Thanks for the chat!!!

Aimee: ANYTIME!!!

To vote for the Dorques on MYX, text MYX VOTE MURASAKI BLUE and send to 2366.