Pupil turns 4!

Sony Music recording artist Pupil has every reason to be jubilant these days. With chart-topping singles, strong fan base and citations, they are also marking their fourth year as a band. What a way to celebrate these successes than with the release of "Wildlife: Special Edition."

It is Wildlife made even wilder, now in remastered form. It still includes the massive hits "Sala," "Monobloc," "Disconnection Notice" and "TeacherÆs Pet." What makes this more exciting are bonuses that are real bonuses: demos, videos and a live EP. YouÆll hear the songs in different phases, like youÆre watching a makeover show. In this makeover show though, you can prefer "before" to "after," and you can change your mind in between. ThatÆs how Pupil is "Wildlife": you can make anything your own. The album also features their latest single "Different Worlds."

Formed in mid-2005 by Ely Buendia (vocals, guitars), Yan Yuzon (guitars) and Dok Sergio (bass), they were joined by veteran drummer Wendell Garcia in 2007. Their band name "Pupil" was agreed on following a shortlist of about 300 possibilities. It was only after Ely stumbled upon the term in a medical book did he realize that æthe black circular opening in the center of the iris of the eye, through which light passes to the retinaö is the one. The bandÆs big break came also in 2005 with the release of their debut album "Beautiful Machines" which included the singles "Nasaan Ka?," "Dianetic" and "Dulo ng Dila." The second album "Wildlife" was named 2008 Album of The Year at the NU Rock Awards which also honored them as Artist Of The Year, Producer of the Year (Pupil and Jerome Velasco), Drummer of the Year (Garcia) and Best Music Video (Monobloc).

Join Pupil as they celebrate their fourth anniversary and at the same time be the first to grab a copy of "Wildlife: Special Edition" on Friday, July 10, 7pm at the Skydome of SM North EDSA, Quezon City. Expect a different Pupil performance as they fused their rock and acoustics sets for the fans.

"Wildlife: Special Edition" is out in CDs under Sony Music.