MYX Music Awards 2014 Favorite K-Pop Video Goes To WOLF By EXO

EXO fans, all your hard work for voting has finally paid off! Their music video"Wolf" won the Favorite Korean Video for the MYX Music Awards 2014!

Ito Ravales of Universal Records accepted the award in behalf of SM Entertainment, thanking everyone who has supported them. The song was previously described by SM Entertainment as “’Wolf’ is a dance song that harmonizes dubstep and hip-hop, creating a powerful beat. The song will be suggestive of a fairy tale and present a new charm.” 

And it evidently charmed everyone! Good job, EXO fans!

You can join the MYX Music Awards 2014 trend by using the hashtag #MYXmusicawards. And stay tuned to for the live streaming!

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  • exotastic_lady

    posted 3 years ago

    All my hard work of voting paid off! It's also a special gift to one of the member, Xiumin!

    Congrats again EXO!!! Forever ONE!

  • Zahnezra01

    posted 3 years ago


  • kimk7077

    posted 3 years ago

    congrats EXO

  • ellapark19

    posted 3 years ago

    Exo Fighting~

  • HeyItsMichelle88

    posted 3 years ago