MYX Slam Jam 2009

SchoolÆs already started but itÆs no excuse not to rock with your favorite bands and your favorite VJÆs. MYX, the number one music channel in the Philippines is putting the cool in school with MYX Slam Jam 2009!

WeÆll heighten your school spirit with loads of activities, prizes, and an awesome concert in the evening with local acts and the biggest names in music as well!

Catch MYX Slam Jam 2009 in these dates and schools!

July 31, 2009: National College of Business and the Arts û Fairview
Featuring: Syntax (NCBA Frontact), Ernville, Hale, Imago, Pedicab
Hosted by VJÆs Drei, Chino, Bianca, and Monica

August 28, 2009: San Sebastian College
Featuring: Aurora (San Sebastian Frontact), Callalily, Pupil
Hosted by VJÆs Nikki, Drei, Bianca, and Chino

August 31, 2009: University of the Philippines û Los Banos
Featuring: Sandwich, Pedicab

September 24, 2009: Adamson University

You can also watch these exciting happenings on MYX! Make sure you get the schedules here on!

MYX is here to give you only the best in music and the best school experience ever! So letÆs party and enjoy on MYX Slam Jam 2009!

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