MYX VJ Search 2009

The number one music channel in the Philippines, MYX is looking for the next best MYX VJ!

Do you have what it takes to be like your favorite VJ? Make sure you follow these:

1) You must be a talented and confident guy or girl, 18-25 years old
2) Bring 2 valid IDs with date of birth
3) Take a pose and bring 1 headshot & 1 whole body picture
4) Go to ABS-CBN, Studio 12, 4th Floor Talent Center Building, and visit us during these dates:

August 1, 1 PM-6 PM
August 8, 1 PM-6 PM
August 15, 1 PM-6 PM
August 22, 1 PM-6 PM

Secure all those requirements, go to the auditions, unleash all your confidence, prove your worth, and you might just be our next MYX VJ!

Join the MYX VJ Search 2009 and be a part of the number one music channel in the Philippines û MYX. Your choice. Your music!