MYX Mag's August to September 2009 feat. Chicosci and Sugarfree

What do our MYX MagÆs August-September cover artists have in common?

Well apart from the fact that theyÆre both totally awesome, Chicosci and Sugarfree are both veterans in the local music scene, they both have had line-up changes over the years and they both have new albums out!

Check out ChicosciÆs awesome pictorial! The band graces the cover for the second time (but itÆs vocalists Miggy ChavezÆs third and new drummer Macoy EstacioÆs first!), and this time, they talk about their nationwide tour with other bands, and why it took them three years to release their new album Fly Black Hearts!

On the flipside, we have cover first-timers Sugarfree! Not only has the band released their fourth album Mornings And Airports, but they are also gearing up for their 10th anniversary concert called Dekada, to be held later this August at the Music Museum!

And if thatÆs not enough of Chicosci and Sugarfree for you, we have all the songs of Fly Black Hearts and Mornings and Airports in our Chords and Lyrics section!

Gracing our pin-up is Parokya Ni Edgar, our second local pin-up artist! Get to see behind-the-scenes pictures of the making of their TV commercial!

Also in our August-September issue, get to know more about VJ Iya in Know Thy MYX VJ, go behind the scenes of the music video for Rachelle Anne GoÆs Let The Pain Remain in MYX Peeks, pay tribute to fallen legend Michael Jackson in Backtrax, read about the crazy but talented Lady Gaga in Pop MYX and get fired up with K-Pop group 2NE1 in MYX Presents!

Grab a copy of MYX MagÆs August-September soon!