Sugarfree's "Mornings and Airports"

One sure mark of success for a band is when days are spent ruminating in mornings and airports because of the rigorous touring nationwide that come with success. Such is the inspiration behind the title of Sugarfree's fourth studio album Mornings and Airports under PolyEast Records featuring the lead single ôHay Buhayö.

And that's just one of Sugarfree's numerous marks of success. As mentioned previously this is already Sugarfree's fourth studio album following their debut album Sa Wakas (2003) and Platinum sellers Dramachine (2004) and Tala-Arawan (2006). They've had a wealthy number of radio hits such as ôMariposaö, ôBurnoutö, ôHari ng Sablayö, ôMakita Kang Muliö, ôDear Kuyaö and ôWag Ka Nang Umiyakö, among many, many others and have garnered numerous awards. They successfully celebrated their anniversary last year via a sold-out concert at the Music Museum with the Manila Symphony Orchestra which PolyEast released as a live double disc album in 2008. They will have a chance to duplicate the feat this August 28 and 29 at the same venue with Dekada, a celebration of ten years of making great music. But surely, the most important barometer of success for the band û bassist Jal Taguibao, drummer Kaka Quisumbing and lead singer/guitarist Ebe Dancel û is the adoration of their countless fans nationwide.

Fast forward to 2009 and we have Mornings and Airports. The album was recorded at Sound Creation studios by Hazel Pascua and award-winning studio whiz Shinji Tanaka and was produced by critically-acclaimed musicians and producers Romel ôSanchoö Sanchez and Buddy Zabala who also co-produced the top selling album Dramachine. Also noteworthy are the truths that Dancel shared songwriting credits with bandmates Taguibao and last addition Quisumbing with the help of the latter's sister Yvonne Quisumbing (their previous album was entirely written by Dancel) and that the band included English songs (the band's previous two albums were all Tagalog) including the title track. Sugarfree also invited guest musicians Chino David and Anjo Inacay of Silent Sanctuary (strings) and Richie Gonzaga of Corporate Lo Fi (trumpet) to play on this album. The album packaging is also a big incentive itself in getting an original copy, with the airports' theme (passport and airline motifs, a map of the places that Sugarfree has been blessed to tour in and even the band's requisite tech rider) perfectly executed by award-winning graphic artists Inksurge, Inc.

As the title of the album suggests, Mornings and Airports deal mostly with longing, distance, reflection, life and love. The title track can fairly be attributed to a persona who thinks of his loved one while having to deal with work far away (ôI wanna sleep and wake up next to you and drown in/how you make me feel like love is something newö). Lead single ôHay Buhayö is a breezy number of reflection (ôkay hirap din palang hanapin ang iyong sarili/sa isang mundong laging nagmamadaliö). Ebe Dancel says ô It represents the joys and pains of this band for the past ten years.ö You may be surprised to find a less humorous SUGARFREE in the music video directed by Quark Henares and Nico Puertollano. The other twelve tracks in the album affirm Sugarfree's knack for writing clever and witty pop songs that the everyday man can relate too. With an album like this, Sugarfree will gonna have to contend happily in more Mornings and Airports.

Mornings and Airports is now out in all major record bars under PolyEast Records. The album launch will be held on August 19, Wednesday 9pm at Saguijo in Makati.

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