Photo from Travis Garland's Instagram

Travis Garland, a singer, songwriter and dancer all packed into one has invested in his fan base for the last three years by uploading covers, original songs and music videos through his youtube channel which now has over 100,000 subscribers and a staggering 11 million views!

Garland grew up in Lubbock, Texas and was exposed to the arts at a very young age. He started off singing and acting in plays at his church and went to the School For The Performing Arts in junior high where he received his extensive training in music and theater and after winning a nationwide acting competition at the age of 14, he migrated to Los Angeles where he signed with a manager and agent. He started auditioning and writing his sings and after a chance meeting with a friend from Dallas, he was asked to join the pop/R&B group Not Like Them.

At 23, he built up his solo career after having been launched as the lead singer of boy band NLT which was composed of Kevin McHale, "JJ" Thorne and V Sevani. The members disbanded in May 2009 after three years. 

Garland was introduced to Perez Hilton who "was instantly blown away" by his tracks. He premiered his debut single "Believe" on American Idol on May 19, 2013 and he sought the mentorship of Grammy nominated production team, The Stereotype to help him shape his music.

He released his first EP entitled "Fashionably Late Vol. I" in October 2012 which rose to critical acclaim, recording 50,000 downloads. In 2013, he released the second instalment to Fashionably Late. He finally released his self-titled debut album “Travis Garland” on September of last year which quickly rose to success.

Watch some of his music videos below!

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