TAYLOR MOMSEN Sick, Cancels Manila Tour

Disappointing news for all Taylor Momsen fans out there. We regret to inform you that The Pretty Reckless: Going To Hell Manila tour this upcoming April 30 has just been called off. 

They've been forced to cancel the concert due to Taylor Momsen's health condition. She's gotten sick yet again on her latest tour with Fall Out Boy in Europe/UK. 

Earlier this year, Taylor was already battling with bronchitis and walking pneumonia that resulted to the cancellation of her entire month-long US tour. 

Here's the official statement from The Pretty Reckless management sent to Vernon Go of  PULP Live World:

Hey Vernon, 

We had a long meeting today with Taylor and the reason I was asking you to hold off first thing this morning, is that in the midst of the potential changes in Shanghai, Taylor has also gotten sick yet again on the latest tour with Fall Out Boy in Europe/UK. 

As you may or may not be aware, we had to cancel an entire month long tour in the US earlier this year for The Pretty Reckless due to Taylor having a case of bronchitis and phenomena (pneumonia). Given that she has gotten sick again, is run down, and with her current touring plans in the US before and after this brief run to Manila, Shanghai, and Beijing, jamming an international trip of this magnitude in-between all of these commitments given her current state is not going to happen. 

As such we are very sorry to say that TPR will have to cancel our 4/30 show in Manila. We understand and appreciate that you have gone above and beyond in helping with the album release and are a believer in The Pretty Reckless. We look forward to being able to make this up to you the next time around and with our current trajectory The Pretty Reckless should only be getting hotter. 

Again, we are truly sorry for any losses this may cause you and will strive to make these up to you in the future.

We're really sorry about this and we hope she gets well really soon!

The Pretty Reckless is the band behind the hits "Going To Hell" and "Heaven Knows". Watch the music videos below!

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    posted 3 years ago

    poor ticket sales...