The ERASERHEADS Invade London!

From Day Cabuhat's Instagram

The biggest and most iconic Filipino band of the 90's is invading the homeland of their western counterpart, the Beatles. While they have already disbanded years ago, the four members of the Eraserheads are performing for a reunion concert in London, in what seems like it's becoming a yearly tradition.

While they were there, Ely Buendia, Raimund Marasigan, Marcus Adoro and Buddy Zabala had taken photos of them crossing a famous road. And this couldn't be anymore fitting, dubbed as the "Beatles of the Philippines", this awesome foresome recreated the iconic photo of the 11th studio album cover of the Beatles released in 1969.

All thanks to the social media, we can all witness this awesome photo! 

Watch them sing "Waiting for a Bus" in a London bus below!

From Youtube User Earnest Zabala 

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