Why Should He/She Be The Next MYX VJ? Hear It From the VJ SEARCH FINALISTS' Own Words!

All good things must come to an end! It seems it was just yesterday that our the VJ search finalists auditioned for the part and now their VJ search journey is near the end. 

Our 12 finalists surely gained the experience of a lifetime, each one of them showcased their talents and abilities over the course of the competition. Alongside the tough competition, the whole gang is truly grateful to have met new friends, became VJs for even just a couple of times and picked up valuable life lessons that they will carry with them even after the search.

So for the last challenge of the finalists, they were asked to answer the critical question of why should they be chosen as the next MYX VJ. Here's a run-down of their posts but be sure to check their profiles at the for the full videos. 

"Win or lose, thank you still for giving me the opportunity to have this experience..." singer-songwriter Marion Aunor shared in her video. Click here to watch the rest of the video.

Christian is the next MYX VJ because of three things! Click here to know his reasons!

"I'm a "MYX" of everything." Watch her as she tells her reasons of why she is your next MYX VJ by clicking here!

Sweet, spontaneous and crazy are just some of the reasons why Gianna should be the next MYX VJ. Click here to watch the full video of this ball of sunshine. 

"I can't say that I'm the best because there will always be someone better, but I am the next MYX VJ because I am always going to do my best." says Hazel. Click here to watch her full video. 

Luigi should be the next MYX VJ because he's set to prove to everyone that he can do it! Click here to watch his full video blog!

"...I just want to share the love and at least let you guys smile!" Vieo shared in his video blog. Click here to watch him thank you guys for the support and find out why he should be the next MYX VJ. 

Find out why Eunick should be the next MYX VJ by clicking here

Watch PJ show you his wacky reasons why he's the next MYX VJ by clicking here!

"This was a great experience and no one can take that away from me."says Becca. Watch her full video blog here!

Find out why Rafa deserves the most awesome job ever by clicking here!

According to Mark, "MYX is the only place where you can be yourself." Watch him tell you his reasons why he should be the next MYX VJ by clicking here!

Who among them will conquer the MYX scene? We'll all get to know tomorrow! Watch the MYX VJ Search 2014 Finals via livestream on TOMORROW, April 8 @ 3PM!

Who do you think will be the next MYX VJ? Feel free to leave your comments below!