Na-Miss Niyo Ba Ang Cheerios VJ Iya? Panoorin Ulit Yan TONIGHT!

It's been a decade since Iya Villania-Arellano stepped into the MYX studio as one of your MYX VJs introducing your favorite music videos!

In celebration of her 10th anniversary on the No. 1 music channel here in the Philippines, MYX will be airing "Cheerios VJ Iya: The 10th Anniversary Special" as we take a look back at VJ Iya's journey as a MYX VJ.

"Cheerios VJ Iya" will surely be filled with unforgettable moments, good laughs, and of course, a bucket of tears.

Join VJ Nikki, VJ Bianca and VJ Drei on "Cheerios VJ Iya: The 10th Anniversary Special" TONIGHT @ 9PM on the MYX channel on cable!

You shouldn't miss this!

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