Introducing The Newest MYX VJS!


The search is finally over! Hundreds have tried to get the best job in the world, a dozen made it to the cut but these three surely stood out and won everyone's hearts.

We are happy to announce the three newest members of the MYX family are Luigi D'Avola, Vieo Lopez and Gianna Llanes!


LUIGINATICS, your support as definitely paid off! Your favorite acoustic heartthrob was able to snag a spot in the MYX VJ search. Get excited as you guys will be able to see more of him on the MYX channel!


Vieo is the epitome of determination! After trying out several times, his luck definitely turned out this time! This sporty jock and resident joker definitely has a lot of good vibes to share with us!

This sweet ball of sunshine definitely won the hearts of many! That pretty face of hers along with that charming personality, Gianna is more than ready to conquer the MYX scene.

Watch out for these three as they prove that they show you guys what they are capable off!

Let's all congratulate the VJ Gianna, VJ Luigi and VJ Vieo! Feel free to leave your comments below!