THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS Got Into A Photo Copyright Trouble!

Photo from The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' Facebook Page

In the social networking age, a photo is worth a hundred likes, sometimes even a thousand, a handful of shares, retweets, pins, tumbles and etc. But of course, even on the Internet, there are rules. Using someone else's work without their permission is not only wrong but also may be illegal.

Recently, The Red Red Jumpsuit Apparatus got into trouble and found themselves in a photo copyright debate after they posted one of freelance photographer Rohan Anderson's photos on their Facebook and Instagram accounts without Anderson's consent (which you can view up top). And what's worse is that they've cropped his watermark, lowered its quality and filtered it for Instagram. 

Anderson contacted the band seeking for credit and/removal of the photo but eventually he got into a nasty exchange of emails with the band. 

This was followed by a reply to his email that read: 

"You have no legal claim as the photo is credited and is not posted for a monetary gain and features our likeness and image not yours. Also you have just got your self banned from any festival or show we ever play again in that region for life! Congrats!"

Another email told Anderson that:

"Most unknown photographers are happy to have world wide known bands use their photos and consider it an honor, you are clearly an example of the opposite."

The band also contacted Anderson's editor at the publication and called him "the absolute most disrespectful photographer we have ever had the unpleasure of dealing with."

When all was said and done, Anderson posted this issue on his blog. But the band continued taunting him through tweets (which have already been deleted) that included the hashtag #rohanisatool. Eventually the story got picked up on reddit, and netizens used the same social networking site to defend Anderson.

In the end, the band conceded and sought forgiveness. And also took to Twitter to publicly apologize to Anderson saying: 

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