Single Cover Battle: PARAMORE vs JUSTIN BIEBER!

Photos from Justin Bieber and Paramore's Twitter accounts.

It looks like Justin Bieber is facing another controversy here!

Two days ago, Mr. Bieber released a new song titled "We Were Born For This." But what caught the attention of the fans is the single cover which looks quite familiar especially to the Paramore fans.

The said single cover resembles to Paramore's fan-made artwork for their 2007 album "Riot!"

Take a look at JB's "We Were Born For This" single cover below:

Here is Paramore's fan-made artwork for "Riot!"

As the hashtag #BieberStoleFromParamore made it to Twitter's trending topic, Paramore's vocalist Hayley Williams seemed too busy to care about the issue. She tweeted:

But late last night, the band fired back by releasing a "limited edition 'Ain't It Fun' singles," spoofing Justin Bieber's album cover for his 2012 album "Believe." Take a look at the "Ain't It Funny" cover below:

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  • jigger88

    posted 3 years ago

    It's not just a resemblance, it's an actual paramore fan-art made by someone in 2011 stolen by beiber/his team. But thankfully it got deleted on his soundcloud account.