KATY PERRY'S Music Video Style Evolution

2008 marked Katy Perry’s ascent to stardom when she released “I Kissed A Girl” which ignited the curiosity of pop culture spectators and music enthusiasts alike. But aside from her unique twist to melody and lyrics,  Katy created a whole new fashion trend that merged finesse and wildness! Fans and critics have always looked forward to her outfit choices that can be pretty unpredictable – from elegant long gowns, hairstyles and ornaments that scream for attention, and get-ups that are never in short supply of glitter and color, Perry has always been brave enough to wear whatever suits her mood even if the whole world is left open-mouthed in awe, pleasurable or otherwise. 

Here’s a review of the iconic popstar’s spectrum of different outfits in her music videos! 

Street style in "Hot and Cold"

Candy wonderland queen in "California Gurls"

Vintage-chic in "Thinking of You"

Simple and classy in "Firework"

Queen of the Jungle in "Roar"

Nerd turned Hottie in "Last Friday Night"

Queen of Egypt in "Dark Horse" 

Labyrinth-chic "Wide Awake"

Which one’s do you prefer? The simple get-ups or her outrageous costumes?



  • kellyperry

    posted 3 years ago

    She's the queen of pop :) slay katycats.

  • lee min ho

    posted 3 years ago

    All of them! Cool!