8 Of The Biggest Fashion Blunders Only MILEY CYRUS Can Pull Off


This talented songstress is turning into a fashion icon!

It's pretty safe to safe to say that Miley Cyrus is the ultimate fashion chameleon. She's gone from a squeeky clean Disney tween to a short-haired, crop-top wearing twerker with a penchant for glitters and studs.

Her fashion sense would always scream for attention but you'd have to admit that she looks incredibly hot nonetheless. 

So we charted Miley's fashion revolution with a look back at her biggest style moments - Bangerz costumes, music video outfits, red carpet gowns, and all, and see how she's become today's latest and greatest provocateur.

8. There’s no denying Miley loves a midriff-baring ensemble. In the "Wrecking Ball" music video, the singer has given many a major dose of thin-spiration with her showing off her abs.

Photo from Miley Cyrus' Official Facebook Page

7. A far cry from what we're all used to, Miley covered up in this long sleeved fishnet-like Marc Jacobs column gown in black, with spiky hair and red lips.

Photo from Miley Cyrus' Official Facebook Page

6. This would definitely be Miley's most controversial look ever. The top-knots, foam finger and beige two-piece all mark Miley's transformation from Disney princess to fashion provocateur.

Photo from Miley Cyrus' Official Facebook Page

5. Showing off her uber-toned physique in a cute two-piece ensemble.

Photo from Miley Cyrus' Official Facebook Page

4. In her Bangerz concert, representing her country singer roots the singer wore a pair of furry black and white chaps, a sparkly black bra top and bejeweled black gloves.

Photo from Miley Cyrus' Official Facebook Page

3. Cut-out details and skin-tight dresses? All staples in Miley’s new look – the buzz cut adds a touch of androgynous cool. 

Photo from Miley Cyrus' Official Facebook Page

2. The bejeweled Olympic two-piece with bird feather shoulders she rocked in her Bangerz tour.

Photo from Miley Cyrus' Official Facebook Page

1. In a fashion magazine cover, the "We Can't Stop" pop star made on of the biggest fashion statements one can ever pull off. The singer, donned a daring look still wearing an Alexander McQueen top to cover her lady parts.

Photo from Miley Cyrus' Official Facebook Page

Are you a fan of Miley Cyrus' 'drastic' fashion transformation? Feel free to leave your comments below!



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    wow...Miley is really stunning....

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    I dont know why myxph waste their time to post something like this.