7 Reasons Why MYX VJ GIANNA Is A Perfect Role Model

She's young, she's new and if you've seen her on TV, you'd know that Gianna Llanes is beautiful, talented and most importantly, a perfect role model for young girls.

What is a role model, you may ask. True role models are those who possess the qualities that people aspire to have and those who show the best examples to follow.

Given the craziness of today's culture, finding a positive role model can be a very challenging task. So, we're giving you 7 good reasons why you can look up to VJ Gianna.

1. She balances school with work. 19-year-old Gianna is currently a student but still she manages to juggle her busy VJ sched and her student duties.

2. She's goofy and she's not afraid to show it. Gianna is definitely one to share goodvibes to everyone around her. With her wierd, wonderful and wacky sense of humor along her funny antics, it's no wonder she won everyone's hearts.

3. VJ Gianna has a great sense of style! Well, it's safe to say that she looks good in anything she wears. But the way she dresses definitely shows her unique traits to the world.

4. Did we forget to mention that Gianna bakes! From brownies to chocolate bites, she can totally indulge anyone's sweet tooth with her recipes.

6. She's confident. Any young girl should embody this trait. Whether you are to show your ukelele skills or break out a song, one should always be proud to showcase your talents. And always, always, always speak your mind!

7. She's family oriented. And she looks up to her mom and dad a lot. Still, the most important role models in your life will be your parents. 

Last reminder, just like VJ Gianna, being true to yourself and letting your personality shine is the most important trait you should embody to be the best you can be!

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  • young.kim445

    posted 3 years ago

    i really like u so much i wish i well become like but i really dont know how because i dont have job very difficult to me to fine somewhere in place i am single mother i have one son his name \kim soon/ his father run aways i dont know why thats why my son now dont have father i am broken family my father gone my mother we have another family she dont care me i dont know what the reason. me and with my son only thats my problem very difficult to fine job i dont want my baby alone i ca not to fin

  • MarcIvan^^

    posted 3 years ago

    Definitely right :D