Happy Birthday, ADELE!

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"Rumor Has It" someone's turning 25 today. Yes, the record-breaking, Grammy award-winning singer is having a birthday!

The British songbird is marking her 25th birthday by dropping a huge hint that another album is on the way. The singer posted a snapshot of herself in bed giving the thumbs up and captioned the photo with "Bye, bye 25...see you again later in the year x."

Adele's two previous albums, '19' (released in 2008) and 21 (released in 2011), both signify the singer's age upon the year of its release. Fans are really hoping this tweet hints at the imminent release of a new record marking her 25th year. 

She first mentioned that she was in the early stages of her new album after the Grammys last year. And Phil Collins and Diane Warren are two of the stars she'll be working with. We're sure in for a treat!

As we all know, most of her songs have been sad but always with a happy outcome. Here's a round-up of her mega hits. Enjoy! 

From Youtube User AdeleVEVO

From Youtube User AdeleVEVO

From Youtube User AdeleVEVO

From Youtube User AdeleVEVO

From Youtube User AdeleVEVO

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  • janetvborromeo

    posted 3 years ago

    Happy 26th Birthday Adele! I wish you all the best and more blessing to come. Have a wonderful day.