How to Dress Up Like ONE DIRECTION!

Aside from their good looks, charming accents and awesome rocking tunes, this five-some boyband makes their fans go crazy by their wardrobe too!

One Direction's fashion sense in young, hip and always put together, and each of the boys has his own distinct style. This British Irish boy band are indeed trend setters on the Fashion front.  Keep reading to find out how guys and girls can steal their looks.

1. Stack up on skinny jeans! It’s all about flaunting your leg muscles!

2. Keep a leather jacket handy! It spices up even the simplest outfits and gives you that rockstar vibe.

3. Sport your graphic tees to achieve that casual lazy day look – now that’s effortless and cool at the same time!

4. Never forget to mess up your hair with a sexy scruff.

5. For casual coolness with a touch of the 'jock' style, there is nothing that quite fills the bill like a handsome varsity jacket. 

6. Look instantly fashion-forward by going for a printed polo. Just take a loot at Harry's style!

7. Go out of your comfort zones! Try out the deep V!

8. Accessorize! Whether your pieces are statement bracelets, rings, necklaces or pins! Go for it while still coordinating it with the rest of your outfit!

9. Go for an all-black outfit! This would fit any formal occasion while looking sleek and sexy. 

10. Rock out to your favourite One Direction track and you’re good to go!

Are you a fan of One D's fashion sense? Feel free to leave your comments below!



  • mhagpeña1D

    posted 3 years ago

    hahaha, i like their style so much!!

  • iloveonedirection13

    posted 3 years ago

    perfect!! ^^

  • curlyeva

    posted 3 years ago

    They're perfect! Any suit would, and surely will fit on them perfectly. It's like, they don't even have to try. And we fans, like me, will love them with anything they wear.

  • HazzaCurls

    posted 3 years ago

    One Direction FTW

  • d4Nc1NgQu33n

    posted 3 years ago

    do we need tattoos too? O.O