What Would DANIEL PADILLA's Fans Do Just To Have A Date With Him?

It's no wonder DJ's second major concert was sold out!

The SMART Araneta Coliseum was packed with his fans both young and old alike. Aside from his charm, personality and good looks, everyone screamed for more as he serenaded the audience with his chart-topping hits and covers. It was undeniably an unforgettable show especially for those who claim they are his biggest fans. So we asked them the question, "What would you do just to have a date with Daniel Padilla?" And you'll be surprised at what they can do just to have a date with their ultimate crush! Watch the video below to find out their fun and clever answers.

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What would YOU do just to have a date with Daniel Padilla? Leave a comment below!



  • Smtmscute

    posted 3 years ago

    TAMA Princess1D31 at 5 pa cla, kahit na ma-nose bleed ako sa kaka-english cla pa ring 1D ang ide-date ko

  • Princess1D31

    posted 3 years ago

    i'll date 1D rather than daniel