7 Reasons Why We Can't Help But Love MYX VJ LUIGI D'AVOLA

He may have just bursted into the scene but it definitely looks like he still has many long and rewarding years ahead of him in his career. Why? We'll give you 7 good reasons why you too can fall in love with Luigi!

7. He's not just your typical pretty boy. Luigi D'Avola is talented! And we're sure you guys already know this. Who wouldn't fall in love with his smooth voice and his guitar skills that go along with it. He's just the perfect example of an artist who uses music to express rather than to impress. 

Photo from Luigi D'avola's Instagram

6. He's one of the most down to Earth people you'd ever come across with. A trail of screaming girls may follow him when he's out in public and yet you'd never fail to see him smile no matter how crazy it gets. It just goes to show that he loves his fans as much as he loves them.

Photo from Luigi D'avola's Instagram

5. He has incredible fashion sense. He looks so well put-together and he can definitely pull off a fashion-forward outfit. Just take a look at the photo below!

Photo from Luigi D'avola's Instagram

4. He's a major pet lover! Just take a look at his Instagram posts and you'll definitely spot his soft spot for those furry friends.

Photo from Luigi D'avola's Instagram

3. "He's half-Italian and he loves pizza." Ask him to describe himself and he'd be quick to give you that answer. Luigi is one to enjoy the simplest things in life! 

Photo from Luigi D'avola's Instagram

2. He's a charmer! He has a killer smile and an amazing personality to go with it. It's no wonder girls go crazy for him!

Photo from Luigi D'avola's Instagram

1. He's your all-around good guy! He's just sooo laid back and he takes everything in his stride. Other celebs can be quite hard to reach but Luigi is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet as he gets along with just about anyone!

Photo from Luigi D'avola's Instagram

Got any more reasons? Feel free to leave your comments below!



  • KaliMacaroni

    posted 3 years ago

    Ohh!!! You forgot to mention that he's smoking sexy!!!

  • miss em

    posted 3 years ago

    akin siya...

  • Yzabelle Joy

    posted 3 years ago

    I LOVE YOU VJ LUIGI!!!!!!! Ever since I watched your Take A Chance MV