7 Reasons Why You Should Look Up To MYX VJ VIEO LOPEZ

You don't have to be a 6-feet tall to be someone everyone looks up to but rather, you should do something that challenges your growth and demonstrates it, so that witnesses know the plunge you took and for them to follow it. 

In Vieo's case, he's got both. He's tall, genuine and full of character. Here are 7 good reasons why he's someone you've got know better.

7. He keeps it cool and casual. He's very fun to be around, cracking up jokes whenever there's an opportunity. And he's not afraid to show who really is in public. Spread a positive vibe to everyone around and they'll surely love you. 

6. He may seem like a very intimidating dude but he's actually very friendly. He's the type that likes to strike up conversations with people and instantly connects with them.

5. Vieo has a strong and close relationship with his family. Despite your busy days, be sure to keep a good relationship with your parents and sibs!

4. He prioritized his education among anything else. Upon talking to him, you'd know that he's smart and very intellectual. Studying is really the key to prosper and succeed in life.

3. He's a tall guy with a big heart. The 6-foot-5 inches Vieo is undeniable a sweet guy! Just check out his Instagram posts with his gorgeous girl!

2. He explored the world he wishes to be in. Vieo was a courtside reporter during the UAAP Season 74 and a junior jock in Magic 89.9! This is highly essential for you to get the crooks and crannies of the industry you'd want to pursue.

1. Vieo is the epitome of persistence and determination. Why? Because he never gave up! He tried out three times for this and look at where he is right now!

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  • celinemlopez

    posted 3 years ago

    feels great when other people look and feel the same way we do. Good job V! Feeling the love everywhere. Proud nanay right here.