ED SHEERAN Drops His Music Video For "The Fault In Our Stars" Soundtrack

Try not to cry while watching this.

Not long after Grouplove's "Let Me In" surfaced, Ed Sheeran posted the official music video for "All of the Stars", his own contribution to "The Fault In Our Stars" soundtrack. And this may just be his most emotional video yet. 

The song will run during the credits of TFiOS and it's all about falling in love under the stars. And the British singer is doing what he does best, as the song fits more in his soft acoustic rock genre for which he was well recognized. The video flashes beautiful and loving messages from Instagram posts with the hashtag #TFIOSEncouragements while Ed sits on a couch. It just captures the emotions of the film so perfectly!

Watch the video below!

From Youtube User Ed Sheeran

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