Celebrities Are Bringing Back The '90s Fashion Trends!

Who hasn't seen the resurgence of all things related to the '90s? From throwbacks of childhood TV shows, to toys and food, everything in that era just makes us yearn for the good old days. 

But more than anything else, nineties fashion has been floating around on the periphery for a while now, creeping into our favorite celebrities' closets. 

Here are eight revived '90s fashion items by your favorite celebs!

Backward Caps

The '90s has been all about the backwards baseball cap right? And Miley has been bringing this decade-favorite back in style by rocking it in her Bangerz tour!


Sweat Pants and Mid-riff

Crop tops are super n these days but back then they were better known as midriffs. And nothing screams 'hot' in the '90s like belly shirts, cropped athletic jerseys and sporty bralets paired with sweat pants.



This '90s fashion trend was definitely a statement piece back then. But Vanessa Hudgens has been bringing back an accessory trend that is worth another look.


Dark Lips

Vampy lips are the latest '90s trend to make a resurgence and you can see it basically everywhere, from glam events to the red carpets. And Lorde has been leading the pack of in reviving this '90s trend.


Colorful Highlights

Katy Perry has been playing with a super trendy and daring color palette for her hair recently. But any '90s kid surely knows that all things colorful and fun started out in the '90s.



Remember the good ol' overalls? Well, Selena Gomez gave this fashion item an overhaul by giving it a modern treatment. Take about an overall impact!


Leather Pants

Alice in Chains, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam set a trend in the '90s with the grunge look. It's all about denim, flannel and of course leather! Queen B has been bringing this rocking fashion piece back to life!


Top Knots

Top knots were all the rage back then. With Rihanna following Miley's hairstyle, something tells us we'll be seeing a lot more of this fun hairdo.

Loving these '90s fashion revivals? Feel free to leave your thoughts below!