Psssst...Get To Know The New Hope Of Filipino Folk Music - BULLET DUMAS

His music will strike you like a bullet is shot through your chest.

Walking through a tight space in the music world where new musicians rise to fame out of nowhere, you'd realize that it comes almost close to a rarity to be able to find someone who can both satisfy one's hunger for good music and nourish one's intellect. Then here comes Bullet Dumas. 

It's no wonder why troves of people, both young and old flocked the Conspiracy Garden Cafe last May 10. Those who seem to be getting tired tired of the same old music came to the right place. Their presence is a true testimony that embedded in the very heart of some Filipinos is the good taste in music. They came not only to support the young folkie but also to admire his unassuming and honest talent. We don't really get to see this often nowadays. You would be amazed at his ability to turn the most inconsequential subjects to sheer poetry together with his dexterity in the strings.

He posseseses a multi-hyphenate persona; a proud environmentalist, a math teacher and a musician all together. And this Waray native was discovered in the first Elements National Camp in 2010. Consequently, all of who he is are calculated steps to follow the music legends Joey Ayala and Gary Granada. His forays are one that you'd consider half serendipity and half ability, all rooted in his love for music, which he credits as his breeding ground for all his creative pursuits. 

There are glimmers of mainstream hope in his future with his single, "Pssst.." becoming a radio fixture. And it wouldn't be an exaggeration to propose that he deserves a good place in the bigger music-sphere. It's very interesting to know that when asked what inspires him to create his music, he smiled and answered with, "I don't really think about what effect they would have on other people." Those simple words translates to his beautiful music and more of what is come. 

Watch the video below and know more about him. 


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