WATCH: MICHAEL JACKSON and JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE's "Love Never Felt So Good" Music Video!

Earlier today, the music video for Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake's collaboration "Love Never Felt So Good" has premiered!

The music video shows a bunch of people having fun with Justin Timberlake as they sing and dance to the track. Fans will also see a lot of clips from Michael Jackson's classic music videos.

What's more entertaining is seeing JT pulling off some MJ moves! Click the video below and see it for yourselves!

As Ellen Degeneres would say, it is the duet we have all dreamed of!

What can you say about the music video? Feel free to leave your comments below!



  • janetvborromeo

    posted 3 years ago

    The new MJ and JT's music video was pretty cool.