Get Ready To Rock Out With THE ROYAL CONCEPT!

The Stockholm natives are all set to heat up rock 'n' roll as they hit the stage in Manila for the first time. 

Passion, drums, synth’s, guitars, lots of electronics, a hell of a bass player and a surprise guest - this is everything you can expect from The Royal Concept for their performance at the Wanderland Music and Arts Festival this Saturday!

The Royal Concept was formed in 2010, all coming from a jazz background. You can consider them still being relatively young, but they've already toured in different parts of the world and we're lucky to have them perform here as well. 

Their single, "On Our Way," skyrocketed to mainstream television when it was covered in an episode of Glee. And from then on, a lot of you guys are excited to hear more from them.

We got the chance to chat with the band's frontman, David Larson, through an e-mail interview. Read below as he dishes out exclusive details about the band and what to expect from them. 

From Sweden to the United States, how did that come about?

I know, and now from Sweden to the Philippines. And I’m currently in Japan answering this interview right before it’s time to get on stage in Tokyo.

It always makes us very happy when people listen to our music in different parts of the world. America was the first country that picked us up and we got signed by a label over there and since then we’ve spent a lot of time touring the states. But, we couldn't be more excited to see other parts of the world so Wanderland is gonna be amazing! 

Your last album was released last 2013, do you have plans of releasing a new one anytime soon?

We’ve just started working on a new one and will release it when it’s finished. I have no idea how long it’s gonna take this time, last time it took like three months but we have no reason to rush. The new ideas we’ve worked on so far feels really good and we can’t wait to go into the studio and record them properly. 

What's your favorite track from your album, Goldrushed?

I personally like the title track Goldrushed the best. There’s something about it that I still like, even though we recorded it almost two years ago and I don’t mind hearing it at all. That’s unusual to me, because mostly I can’t stand my own voice and therefore it’s really hard for me to appreciate our music. I never listen to it other than when we record it. But I’m really, really happy and grateful that people like it cause I love doing what I do. 

How was "band life" before all the touring and international attention?

Firstly, we all had regular jobs back then. I was a music teacher and the rest of the boys toured behind other artist. But now we can focus on one thing and that’s a relief. I really loved teaching music, but to travel all around the world playing our own songs is just unbeatable. 

Can you take us through your song writing process?

Mostly I (David) come up with an idea that is the foundation of the song. You know, chords and melody. Then we change it and arrange it and produce it together. But lately the other boys has shown more intentions to come up with ideas too and I’m very happy about that. It’s really good for our band! So the song writing process is constantly developing, both for me as a writer and for our band. 

While on tour, how do you spend your free time?

We meet local people and ask them to take us out to spots they like. That’s the best way to get to know a city. If we have two days off we usually go out on the country side and try to get some fresh air and some nature. 

Can you share with us your most memorable experience while on tour?

We played a really fun show on a roof top in Lebanon once. When we got to the show, the agent looked through our working visas and started laughing. Apparently something went wrong at the embassy and we got ”prostitution visas” instead of musician visas. We finally understand why the guards looked so strange on us at the Lebanese border. 

What are your expectations in performing here in the Philippines?

We’re not the ones to have expectations, the crowd should have expectations on us =) 
But we know that we're gonna have a great time performing and we’re also looking forward to just hang out at the festival.

How does it feel to perform alongside The Drums, The Paper Kites and Last Dinosaurs for this year's Wanderland Music and Arts Festival?

Great! They’re all great bands and we’ve actually seen The Drums live before. It’s gonna be great! 

How do you guys prepare for a performance?

We eat and drink good and remind ourselves that this is a great opportunity. This is what we live for and we told each other that if there is a day when everything feels kind of random and like we’re doing the same things ”over and over again” we’ll quit the band and do something else. But so far, every show feels and is important to us and we want to make the time as memorable for the audience and ourselves as possibly can. 

Final message for your fans here in the Philippines?

We’re looking so much forward to meet all of you guys and let’s have the time of our lives together!

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