12 Fashion Ideas From GIRLS' GENERATION You May Want To Try Out!

When we're not obsessing over Girls' Generation's new track, we're admiring their unique fashion sense.

This K-pop girl group always dresses up the finest whether it's on the red carpet, on tour, on a regular day but their music video fashion just blows every fashionista's mind away. Each member has her own unique style to pull off an outfit but as a group they show so much power. 

We've rounded up some of their music-video outfits that you may want to try out. Scroll below and get inspired!

1. The LBD
Perhaps more than any other piece of clothing, the little black dress is a must-have for girls of all generations. Why? Because you can practically wear it with anything. You can jazz it up for a night out or keep it simple for formal events.

2. Pretty Pastels
One of the biggest trends this season are pretty pastels. Pale green, baby blue and pastel pink outfits can instantly make you look fresh, dainty and sweet! 

3. A Pop of Color
Give the whole pazaaz factor to your outfit with bright pops of color. Adding a hint of color to dark colored outfits is the ultimate fashion statement that transforms a boring outfit to something fun and trendy.

4. Aye Aye Captain!
Why would you dress as a zombie, when you could dress a sexy sailor for a costume party? It's easy to pull-off and you'd look well put-together without a lot of fuss.

5. Simple and Chic
The humble white T-shirt is versatile, it's cool and it’s a piece that can be worn any day of the year, in any season. Pairing it with denim jeans is the classic way to look effortlessly sexy.

6. Colorful Outfits
Wearing colorful outfits is one of the easiest ways to brighten up your day while creating an eye-catching ensemble.

7. Varsity Jackets
Varsity jackets aren’t just for MVP athletes anymore. This fashion item can fit well in casual outfits, the street style look as well as in some more fashionable combinations.

8. The Grunge Look
The grunge look is a style based around the grunge music scene--it's comfortable, dirty, and screams the "I-don't-care" attitude. 

9. The Colored Skinnies 
Jazz up a boring t-shirt with colored jeans and you're bound to look stylish and trendy. 

10. The Chunky Sweater
This go-to piece is perfect for the chill days ahead because it's warm, cozy, and it's the perfect lazy alternative to getting dressed every morning. 

11. The 90's Throwback
Nineties fashion has been floating around on the periphery for a while now, creeping into our favorite celebrities' closets. So why not get this look by checking out GG's outfit in their "I Got A Boy" music video.

12. Boy-Meets-Girl Style
Nothing says comfy-chic quite like clothes with a tomboy edge. It instantly gives the cooler-than-cool unconventional vibe and attitude.

Which of these looks would you wear? Feel free to leave a comment below!



  • shanena

    posted 3 years ago

    i got a boy o.m.g. i love it by girls generation

  • iselramos44

    posted 3 years ago

    I got The boy fashion is looks like the fashion in the mid 90s to early 2000s is okay

  • blue_rose

    posted 3 years ago

    tell!!! all sones to help snsd's Mr.MR. back up the myx chart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please !!!!!!!!!!!

  • blue_rose

    posted 3 years ago

    "T.O.P, I GOT A BOY & Mr.MR."is my fave song of my fave k-pop idol's Girl's Generation haAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • tao's wify

    posted 3 years ago

    love and girls outfit so cute al ready tried it already