Miguel Escueta to recount his musical journey through his new E.P

Penetrating the music industry is not an easy feat, it takes not just sheer talent to make it in a cut-throat industry. More importantly, it is a must to have the heart to succeed, coupled with determination and action to reach oneÆs goals ---and this exactly is what MIGUEL ESCUETA was born with. The aftermath of recent events left many individuals with dwindling dispositions, and M.E. stood as a firm representation of a musician with a HEART. Devoting time and effort to reach out to the Ondoy Victims, M.E. selflessly volunteered in relief centers, actively joined benefit concerts, and encouraged the public to do their part through his blog on M.E. is not only a talented musician, he is an individual with a voice and a heart.

After a streamline of hits which have dominated and penetrated music charts of major music networks, the very talented young blood MIGUEL ESCUETA is back to sweep the entertainment landscape by great leaps and bounds with his upcoming EP under MCA Music! As a prelude to a full length album, M.E. is extremely enthused and pumped up about this release that features new original tracks ôTHE TAKE BACKö and the carrier single ôSLEEPING WHILE THE WORLDÆS AWAKE!ö Also included are his unparalleled rocking hits such as the award winning ôBLUE MONDAYö, massive TV Theme Song ôONLY HOPEö, and an exclusive LIVE performance of ôBALIK SIMULA.ö

This EP entitled SLEEPING WHILE THE WORLDÆS AWAKE under MCA Music aims to embody the direction he is taking as a songwriter and also displays the evident growth with his bandmates Juni Devecais, Jeng Tria and Roy Secillano. This is a display of MiguelÆs journey in his musical career. This is not just your ordinary EP, this is an EP of EPIC proportions!

As a glimpse of the cyclonic feel of his latest offering, M.E.Æs Music Video for his latest single SLEEPING WHILE THE WORLDÆS AWAKE premiered on last Sunday, October 11 on MYX! Directed by Pixeleyes Multimedia and spearheaded by Yano Escueta and Jalz Zarate, his music video speaks about an individualÆs quest for thoughts and ideals as her eyes are opened by reality. As a special treat, this video stars the Up and Coming Supermodel PALOMA.

Miguel EscuetaÆs EP SLEEPING WHILE THE WORLDÆS AWAKE under MCA Music will be out in stores on October 19 and will be available in all major record bars.

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