Nani's World: Hale's Funniest Videos

We bet that you've never seen Hale this funny., Treehouse Productions, Nani Naguit, Polyeast Records and presents "Nani's World" - Hale's funny webisodes hosted and directed by Nani Naguit.

Just so you know, Nani also directed Hale's "Sandali Na Lang" and "Bahay Kubo" videos and he does a masterful job of catching Hale's candid and hilarious moments. We promise you, you will never look at Hale the same way again.

Episode 1: The Making of the "Sandali Na Lang" video (Oct. 20, 2009, 11 AM)
Episode 2: Southern Adventure (Oct. 26, 2009, 11 AM)
Episode 3: Jamie Love (Oct. 30, 2009, 11 AM)
Episode 4: The Hale Hole (Nov. 5, 2009, 11 AM)
Episode 5: The Making of the "Bahay Kubo" music video (Nov. 11, 2009, 3 PM)
Episode 6: Happy Birthday Pao and Champ (Feb. 15, 2010, 3 PM)

* "Nani's World" is a creation of Treehouse Productions, Hale and Nani Naguit. has been permitted to feature all the videos of "Nani's world"