LANI MISALUCHA Went Undercover For A "Life-Changing" Social Experiment

It is a common sight to see blind singers among the streets of Manila. With their beautiful voice and talent in music, it can be quite upsetting that very few passers-by notice or spare a little bit of their time to appreciate their music. 

For Lani Misalucha's first music video off her comeback album "The Nightingale Returns," she went undercover as a blind musician performing near the Manila City Hall for a social experiment.

Star Records released the 8-minute video for "Saan Darating Ang Umaga" last Tuesday where 44-year-old singer was seen performing beside real "bangketa" singers Mel and Flor. 

It didn't take long for the people around her to stop in their tracks and watch her perform, some brought out their phones and even dropped donations all because of her powerful voice. By the end of her performance, a huge crowd surrounded her and applauded her astounding performance. 

Watch the video below!

From YouTube User starmusicph

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