The COLDPLAY "Ghost Stories" Listening Party

Warner Music Philippines threw a one-of-a-kind listening session that didn't fail to remind us of a travelling circus full of magic and wonder. 

Truly, it takes just a few elements to spark one's colorful imagination: a skillful magician, tasty sweets and treats that indulged everyone’s sweet tooth, a tarot master and fortune teller and a whole lot of sparkle—all these smack a storybook charm, even for an adult. 

All of these were present at the "Ghost Stories" Listening Party, to celebrate and enter the fantastic and magical world of Coldplay. Sneak a peak into the listening party with some of the snaps from the night.

Coldplay's much-anticipated sixth studio album, "Ghost Stories," came out last May 19 with tracks that truly speak of the most heartfelt emotions.

Their comeback single “Magic” being the main attraction of the night, only proves that Chris Martin may not be a magician, but he can surely make music come alive. Indeed, the track officially affirms that Coldplay has officially awoken from their quasi-hibernation. It shows off the band’s post-dubstep soulfulness, with the simple beat-driven intro, the lush acoustic guitars and Chris Martin’s rich vocals and intones to cathartic “woos”. 

"Call it magic," he sings. "Call it true. Call it magic, when I'm with you."

And even though it showed off atypical sounds for the group, their take on 'an acclaimed vein of gentle, emotionally vulnerable music that explores the overlapping realms of rock, R&B and electronic sounds' will definitely get you hooked.

More than anything else, it reminds us that a sense magic, is the one thing the night didn't fall short on. 

What are you waiting for? Hit 'play' on the video below to experience the "magic" of Coldplay and watch the highlights from the listening party. 

From YouTube User wmphils

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