HUGH JACKMAN Talks About The Importance Of Protecting Your Skin

Basking under the hot sun can make you feel and look good. But too much exposure to sunlight can put anyone at higher risk of skin damage. From sunburn to wrinkles to skin cancer, these can all strike anyone, even Hollywood actors like the X-Men superstar, Hugh Jackman.

Last November 22, 2013, the incredibly handsome actor revealed on Twitter that he had a cancer scare. He tweeted that his wife Deborra-Lee Furness noticed an odd spot and pushed him to get it checked and it turns out, she was right!

In the South-east Asian premiere of X-Men: Days of Future Past last May 15, 2014 where MYX VJ Nikki got the chance to chat with Hugh Jackman, the Australian superstar opened up about his basal cell carcinoma, a very minor form of skin cancer  but he's also letting everyone know that "it's something to be very vigilant about."

Watch Hugh Jackman talk about his skin condition and how to prevent it in the video below!

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