MILEY CYRUS Denies Jennifer Lawrence

To say that Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most talked about celebrities of the last two years would be a gross understatement. The girl is just everywhere. Naturally, rumors are a constant in the life of the Hunger Games star, so when recent news spread involving another “trending” celebrity, Miley Cyrus, we aren’t really sure if this is going to come out as a big surprise. In an interview on “Late Night with Seth Myers” on April 21, J-Law recounted an incident when she was puking at the Oscars’ after-party, when Miley Cyrus saw her and told her to “Get it together, girl!”, after her interview, a Miley Cyrus fan then tweeted Miley about this, but she quickly dismissed the claim as false. As screen-capped below:

Oddly though, Miley Cyrus immediately deleted the tweet, for reasons we have yet to find out. The inconsistencies here are so obvious, but one thing’s for sure, one of these two celebrities must be lying. It’s up to us to guess who.

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  • allelegrease

    posted 3 years ago

    What would Jennifer Lawrence get from lying about it?