#TransformationTuesday: JUSTIN BIEBER Through The Years!

About five years ago, a 15-year old Canadian boy named Justin Bieber took the music scene by storm. Who among you wasn't struck by that cute tiny voice singing "Imma tell you one time, imma tell you one time"?

It was cuteness overload for the girls from all ages. The Bieber hair, the dance moves, the heart-melting smile and those songs that would make any girl fall in love with him in a heartbeat.

Since it's #TransformationTuesday here on, we take a look back at Justin Bieber's early beginnings up to now that he has become one of the most controversial stars.

7 years ago, Justin uploaded a YouTube video of him performing Ne-Yo's "So Sick," that was later on noticed by his current manager, Scooter Braun.

After a while, Bieber was introduced to Usher where he performed the R&B star's hit song "U Got It Bad" in front of him. Then the rest was history.

Who would've thought that this little guy who consistently uploads videos on YouTube would eventually become one of today's biggest stars? Take a look at his very first music video below for "One Time"!

In 2010, Justin released the single "Baby," which was included in his album "My World 2.0." The music video for "Baby" currently has over one billion views on YouTube! Watch it below:

That same year, the Biebs crooned us with these two love songs that made every girl smile and wish that they would someday be Justin's "One Less Lonely Girl."

Aside from releasing several hit songs, JB also conquered the big screen with "Never Say Never" -- a 3D documentary film that tells the story of Justin's climb to the top. Watch the trailer below:

Despite being known for his famous hairstyle, Bieber got rid of the "Bieber hair" some time in 2011 for a more matured image. Watch his first music video sporting the new hairstyle below:

Then came the album "Believe" that introduced us to the "swaggy" Justin Bieber with the manly voice. Watch his music video for "Boyfriend" below:

Today, Bieber has shown more intimacy when it comes to his music videos. This can be seen in his videos for "All That Matters" and "Confident" below:

We've seen a lot of changes physically, and with the controversies that come along his way, Justin Bieber still manages to be the same person we knew few years ago. His ability to keep his feet on the ground despite the massive success he has achieved is what's keeping his millions of Beliebers beside him in his journey.

What is your all-time favorite Justin Bieber song? Feel free to leave your comments below!



  • rasian drown

    posted 3 years ago

    ...nakakalungkot na ayaw na nya maging isang 15 year old boy na nadiscover lng sa youtube ..guSto nyA na maginG matureD!....:(
    ...perO kHit maG baGo kApa mamahaLin pRin kitA! .....u arE alwAy's my inSpiratiOn! :) anD u arE alway'S my kidrauhL! :)

    #mArk my worD!