Happy Birthday, KYLIE MINOGUE!

Photo from Kylie Minogue's Instagram

MYXPh would like to greet the gorgeous and talented, Ms. Kylie Minogue a happy happy birthday!

Australia’s undisputed Queen of Pop turns 45 today! The pop diva has sold over 60 million records worldwide and is best known for looking incredible beautiful, she just keeps getting better with age!

Since it's her birthday today, we thought we’d share a little about why we love her. Check them out below!

1. The original sister act

Kylie rose to stardom as the tomboy Charlene on Neighbours along with her sister Dannii who was the singer of the family, starring on Young Talent Time. 

2. Australia's Queen of Pop

She’s the first, and the only, female recording artist in UK to have a number one album in four consecutive decades.

3. She loves a good laugh

She keeps in touch with her fans through social media and she's been promoting her latest album , "Kiss Me Once" by appearing in funny vids.

4. She's on The Voice 

She'll be spinning her chair around as one of the coachs on the Australian version of The Voice and she'll surely be an awesome mentor to the aspiring singers out there.

5. She's an amazing performer

We all know that she's a fantastic singer and an all out show girl who's showing no signs of stopping!

6. She stands up for what she believes in

She’s showed her support to the Australian Marriage Equality campaign. “How many countries have caught up with it by now?” she sighed. “The earth didn’t cave in. It’s like what’s represented in the All The Lovers video. If it’s love, it’s love. And that’s it. That’s all that matters.”

7. She's a survivor

The stunning singer was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 but went on to make a full recovery following surgery and chemotherapy.

8. She's keeping herself busy even if it's her birthday month

Kylie has just released the song as part of the One Note Against Cancer campaign. And she looks amazing, as usual!

From YouTube User Kylie Minogue

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