8 Things You Need To Know Before Seeing THE FAULT IN OUR STARS

Tears will shed, hearts will burst and lives will change when the highly-anticipated  film, "The Fault in Our Stars," finally hit the big screens next week! John Green has undeniably created a new classic not just for young adults but for everyone. 

And if you're excited to watch your favorite book come to life, we've counted down 8 essential things you need to know about this book to movie adaptation before heading to the theater.

Check them out below!

1. It's the ultimate tearjerker!

You will absolutely, certainly, without a doubt full-on ugly-cry when you see the film. It's that overwhelming surge of emotions that you'd want to simultaneously laugh and cry because of all the feels.You know in the book when Gus says, "My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations." That would totally explain it. 

So brace yourselves to experience a film about the heart-pounding romance about terminally sick teen love, created in the most extraordinarily beautiful way! 

Here's a tip, before hitting the cinemas next week hoard those tissue boxes!

Watch the most liked trailer on YouTube below get a dose of the TFIOS feels.

2. Ed Sheeran really wanted to get involved in the movie

John Green's bestseller struck the chord not only with young adults but with adult book readers, including everyone's favorite ginger crooner, Ed Sheeran.

Julie Greenwald, who runs Atlantic Records, my record label, kept saying: ‘have you read this book, THE FAULT IN OUR STARS? You need to read this book, it’s amazing. They’ve made a movie of it.’ She just kept saying it and then eventually I watched the film and it is amazing! I had a bit of an emotional breakdown and tweeted about it, and I saw the huge reaction just from one tweet. I cracked! I was like, ‘cool, let’s do it.’ I realized there was a pretty sizeable fan base for the book and the upcoming film. I was so excited that I was asked to write a song for the film. I wrote ‘All of the Stars’ and I’m very glad to be involved.”

And once again, he did what he does best, bringing us all to the verge of our tears. Listen to his track below!

From YouTube User Ed Sheeran

3. Read the book first!

You need to read the book to be emotionally prepared for what is gonna go down on the film! The book is still on the best-seller list years after it came out and the good news is, it's only 313 pages! Most people finish it in two days and you have until next week do so. It's your inside man. There is nothing like having the inside track on a movie plot. That is, if you don't mind the spoilers. But of course in the end, it's still up to you to judge which is better.

4. Shailene Woodley found a worthy home for her chopped off locks

The 21-year-old actress didn't only chop off her gorgeous locks for the film but also for a good cause. Sure, she could have gotten by with a wig, but Shailene is all about dedication. She explained on Tumblr that she donated her hair to Children With Hair Loss, a nonprofit that provides free wigs to kids who have lost their hair from cancer treatment, burns, or other medical conditions. 

"... if you are in the position to cut off 8 inches of your hair, then i strongly urge you to do it. there are so many human beings out there who would LOVE the opportunity to possess long hair, but simply can not because of their current situation…. let’s share! …and remember what regina said, HAIR GROWS BACK…. :)"

5. John Green is probably the most hands-on novelist in the history of all book-turned-movies

He was present for nearly every day for the filming of the movie as well as for most of the cast's end-of-day "family meals." And the author himself kept us updated by posting behind-the-scenes clips from the movie! Check out one of the BTS clips below!

6. There will be a lot of deep stuff going on.

Aside from the clever dialoge, the “kilig” factor and the admirable mix of humor, wit, and brutal honesty, it’s deep. With big questions like, “What kind of mark do I want to leave on the world?” and “How do I want people to remember me?” and big words like “I was, like, the prototypical Hoosier kid… all about resurrecting the lost art of the midrange jumper, but then one day… I couldn’t figure out why I was methodically tossing a spherical object through a toroidal object.” 

Expect deep themes and meanings weaved into this "One sick love story." 

7. The cast gave life to the film

Hopefully you haven't been sleeping under a rock, but Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort who played siblings in "Divergent" are signed as the lead roles in the film. Without disclosing any spoilers they're the ideal Hazel and Gus. As well as the rest of the characters, Nat Wolff as Isaac, Gus's best friend, and Laura Dern and Sam Trammell as Hazel's parents. Needless to say, it would be impossible not to be moved by their impeccable acting skills. And heads up for all the young ladies looking forward to this, Ansel, with those beautiful eyes, rangy build, and adorable innocence on screen is quite a hottie!

8. And lastly, the most important thing you need to know is that the movie will hit the big screens on June 5! 

Mark your calendars and be one of the first to see 'The Fault In Our Stars' on June 5. Bring your bestfiend, your movie buddy, your mom/dad or anyone you'd want to share the 'feels' with.

Are you psyched for the TFIOS movie? Feel free to leave your thoughts below!