Bet You Didn't Know These 6 Surprising Facts About ED SHEERAN's "TFIOS" Song!

Immediately after watching an early version of "The Fault In Our Stars," wordsmith and ginger crooner Ed Sheeran had admitted that he was struck and affected by the remarkable film. Why? Because unlike all the Hollywood rom-coms, this one is human. And then, he signed on to write a song for the film: ‘All Of The Stars’.

And if you've fallen in love with his track and want to know more. Here are 6 unexpected things you may actually find interesting about his song. 

1. Ed Sheeran really wanted to make everyone cry

He is definitely the king of heart-breaking love songs, so it wasn't exactly a surprise when he revealed that “I wanted to make a very emotive song that would make people cry, I guess, if the movie doesn’t do that anyway. That's the goal." shares the British singer. 

Also, according to him, "You wouldn’t watch the film if you didn’t want to cry and have a good release. So I hope the song gives people a release. I wanted something very anthemic and euphoric to lead the audience out of the film and to give it emotion.”

2. Ed's "cheesy" inspiration for the song

“It’s just another night and I’m staring at the moon,” Sheeran sings softly. “I saw a shooting star and thought of you.”

When asked what inspired him about the song, he answered it in the simplest but profound way. “The tone is inspired by the final scenes of the film. There is a lot of stuff going on and it shows how wherever you are in the world, you’re staring up at the same stars."

3. The inspirational quotes seen in the music video are from fans

As you guys probably know by now, the music video features quick clips from the film and a ton of cool inspirational messages like "Everything is beautiful." or "You are not a burden." but these are actually fan-submitted messages. Idolator ran a contest offering fans a chance to appear in the music video. By simply posting their stories of how the novel gave them the courage "to live, love, and make life awesome" with the #TFIOSEncouragements hashtag. The winners were chosen from over 5000 entries. 

4. The song meant so much to John Green

Green admittedly revealed that he's not exactly into music. He may have created a beautiful story about unconventional lovers but when it comes to their soundtrack -- he didn't have a single clue. But when Josh Boone chose the perfect line up of artists to be a part of the film's soundtrack, he probably realized that he was missing a lot, saying, "Now I own Ed Sheeran albums, he's amazing." Knowing that he "would share his talent with this story means so much to me." he added.  

5. Better stick around until the credits

Ed defines a great soundtrack by stating that "...a great song can bring lots of different elements to a movie if it’s in the right place." The technique to make a song really work is to place a song properly "to make you feel double what the scene’s depicting."

So if you're a bit surprised by hint of triumph permeating the song, that’s probably because, reportedly, “All of the Stars” will be running through the film’s end credits. Ed Sheeran is probably going for the whole “smiling through the tears” thing here.

6. His Twitter announcement was his most retweeted post yet

Ed has 9.4 million followers and some of the most devoted fans of his music, but even the ginger crooner was surprised about the whole fandom around the film. When he took to Twitter to announce that he'd written a song for the coming film adaptation, he received over 48,700 retweets, his most ever, he says.

If you can't wait to hear the soundtrack of the film, don't worry! The movie will hit the cinemas in just few days. Meanwhile, grab those tissue boxes and watch the music video below!

 Mark your calendars! 

The Fault In Our Stars 
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