10 COLDPLAY Songs That Will Make You Go "Aww..."

Photo from Coldplay's Twitter account.

Whenever we hear a Coldplay song, it's either we automatically smile, fall in love, or shed a tear and become extra emotional.

Coldplay is one of the many bands which music fans can definitely relate to because of their well-written songs and the lessons in life and love that they are able to impart through their music.

Because we're feeling a little sentimental today, we're giving you 10 Coldplay songs that would make you pull a tissue and go "Aww..."

Check them out below:

1. "Shiver"

"It's you I see, but you don't see me / And it's you I hear, so loud and so clear / I sing it so loud and clear / And I'll always be waiting for you / So I look in your direction / But you pay me no attention / And you know how much I need you / But you never even see me"

2. "Yellow"

"Your skin / Oh yeah your skin and bones / Turn into something beautiful / And you know / For you I'd bleed myself dry / Look at the stars / Look how they shine for you / And all the things that you do"

3. "In My Place"

"If you go / Leave me down here on my own / Then I'll wait for you, yeah / How long must you wait for it? / How long must you pay for it? / How long must you wait for it?"

4. "The Scientist"

"Nobody said it was easy / It's such a shame for us to part / Nobody said it was easy / No one ever said it would be this hard / Oh, take me back to the start"

5. "Fix You"

"When you lose something you can't replace / When you love someone but it goes to waste / Could it be worse? / When you're too in love to let it go / But if you never try you'll never know / Just what you're worth"

6. "The Hardest Part"

"The hardest part was letting go, not taking part / You really broke my heart / And I tried to sing / But I couldn't think of anything / And that was the hardest part / Everything I know is wrong / Everything I do, it's just comes undone / And everything is torn apart"

7. "Christmas Lights"

"And like some drunken Elvis singing / I go singing out of tune / Singing how I've always loved you, darling, and I always will / Those Christmas lights light up the street / Maybe they'll bring her back to me / Then all my troubles will be gone / Oh Christmas lights, keep shining on"

8. "Princess Of China" feat. Rihanna

"I could've been a princess, you'd be a king / Could've had a castle and worn a ring / But no, you let me go / And stole my star / 'Cause you really hurt me / No you really hurt me"

9. "Hurts Like Heaven"

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"It's true / When you use your heart as a weapon / It hurts like heaven"

10. "Magic"

"If you were to ask me / After all that we've been through / Still believe in magic / Yes I do / Of course I do"


What is your favorite among the list? Feel free to leave your comments below!