Meet Mika - The Boy Who Knew Too Much

MIKA is one act thatÆs hard to ignore. Besides his flamboyant and refreshingly lively flair for music, his art transcends age, gender and vast preferences. ItÆs inevitable that he holds so many accolades and statistics only the best in the music industry could hold under their belts.

Mika opened his pop career with the defining single Grace Kelly. It has sold almost 3million copies worldwide and was only the second British single to top the chart on downloads alone. Mika was also nominated for and won awards from the Brits, the Grammys, the Ivory Novellos, Capital Radio, Q magazine, The World Music Awards, BT and Vodaphone, Virgin Media and MTVÆs Europe, Asia, Australia and Japan, amongst others. His songs are also favorites of several TV shows including the infamous UGLY BETTY.

With his rightful place almost permanently positioned in the music world, MIKA is far from stopping in making unique takes on life and feel good beats and melodies with his songs. He releases his new album, THE BOY WHO KNEW TOO MUCH û a collection of 12 songs eccentrically put together to bring any listener into a new world, some theatrical in nature. Some give off so much energy listeners canÆt help but jump around their rooms wearing nothing but their underwear like the way Mika did in his video for the first single of the album, WE ARE GOLDEN. To accompany the grand entrance of his new record, Mika also releases his new song in an attempt to bring a smile in this season of tragedy brought about the title of his new track, RAIN.

The new album of everyoneÆs favorite happy gay MIKA is now available in your favorite record bars.